Artist Statement


Beauty isn’t uncommon. 

Beauty is all around us. All we need to do is open our eyes to it. The pace of our world has gotten to a point that we concentrate on where we are going instead of slowing down and seeing what is right in front of us. That is where my work comes from.


Taking the time to slow down, visiting everyday events that amaze us. Our common getaways, like tulip festivals, or that hike back to a local waterfall. If you arrive a little earlier than normal, you can almost feel the vibe of the place before the buzz of activity comes in and divides your attention. Get a little lost….not everyone who wanders is lost, and not everyone lost is trying to be found.


So take a walk with me, discover a waterfall through the trees, or enjoy a foggy morning in the Japanese Garden. Slow down and breathe. Remember that you are supposed to be in balance with your world, and enjoy your day.


I shoot common places in uncommon times. They are easy to get to, easy to visit. You don’t have to hike all day and stay 7 nights to see what I record. Maybe just get a little off the beaten trail. Even a few steps off the parking lot. If my work gets you to explore even a little bit, it was worth recording it.


I like recording the Western US with a specific focus on the Pacific Northwest. The gear I use is standard digital fare for landscape photographers, and I am always trying to bridge the gap between the limited vision of even today’s modern cameras, and the full human experience of being there. 


So take a little journey with me and hopefully the energy of what I capture can re-vitalize your day. And if you get just a little lost, I promise not to try and find you. 


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